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What We Offer

Twende Africa Group (PTY) LTD, trading as T.A.G. Marine, is a registered company based in Cape Town, South Africa with associated partner networks in Norway, the UK, the Netherlands, the USA, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.


TAG Marine is an independent shipbroking company offering a complete range of shipbroking, business development and management services to vessel owners in the maritime industry.


T.A.G. Marine brings together a rich team of international industry experts, which include designers, project managers, builders and has undertaken to represent products produced by local and international boat builders worldwide. T.A.G. focuses on project-based business with the establishment of strategic portfolios and proven designs. Strategic partnership agreements have been established which to offer numerous advantages to clients.


We cover all major segments of maritime development. TAG Marine can provide integrated services throughout our clients' entire value chains through tailored brokerage and consultancy solutions - utilising in-house resources, close partners, and our external network. This is imperative when maximizing our value creation and clients’ business performance.

T.A.G. Ship Sales Contract Signing China
Sale and Purchase
Vessel Management  
Vessel Charter
Vessel Crewing
Vessel Delivery 


T.A.G. Marine represents and has partnered with blue-chip industry leaders to offer new or used vessels to meet our customer's immediate and long-term requirements. Vessels are drawn from our local and global partners to ensure we meet our clients every need. 


This includes a complete listing of the following...

Vessel Offerings


-Commercial Passenger 

-Commercial Fishing 

-Service Vessels

-Offshore OSV, PSV, DSV 

-Inland Water Vessels


Tallie Marine Shipyard Visit
New Custom WorkBoat Supply


Our focus is commercial workboats for transport, security, mining and farming, fisheries, tourism and research. Through our development efforts and holistic approach, this has proven and will allow us to offer our clients a turnkey solution, including infrastructure consulting and financing arrangements to ensure sustainable projects for both users and suppliers.


Vessel Offerings 

- New Development Ranges

- Custom Commercial Work Boats

- Military Vessels

- Harbour Vessels and Terminal Vessels 

- Modular Work Boats for inland waterways 

- Patrol Vessels

- Commercial Fishing Vessels

- Crew and Transfer Vessels

- Commercial RHIBs 

- Offshore Vessels 

Filming Onboard SA Agulhas 1
Project Management 


We allocate significant resources and time to planning each project. This includes assigning a dedicated Project Manager whose sole mission is to ensure your complete satisfaction. Your Project Manager will oversee all elements of your project to make certain that your schedule milestones and quality objectives are achieved. He will also meet regularly with vessel management to ensure coordination between owner requirements and shipyard activity.


Services Offered

- Design Development 

- Tender Development, Tendering & Selection Process  

- Vessel construction, Docking, Refit, Repair and Conversion

- Contract Management

- Pre-Purchase Survey

- Vessel Procurement Services 

- Crewing Services 

- Vessel Deliveries 

- Vessel Charter


We offer Naval Design solutions
Naval Design


T.A.G. Marine offers fully customised craft which can be amended to meet application and user requirements. In the development stages of any project, we can take a project from concept to design to construction and delivery.

Services Offered

- Design

- Hull Form development

- Propulsion selection

- Structural design and drawings

- Vessel systems design & drawings

- Application of advanced composites

- Designs according to class


Consulting with Ghana Government


We have in-house industry specialists to assist with project development and consultation. We have in the past included fish farming, infrastructure development, transport, naval architecture services, and defence. TAG has the best-in-class industry experts both locally and internationally. We also offer the full range of consulting engineering services from investigations, planning and feasibility studies to basic and detailed design, tender documents, supervision of construction and post-construction monitoring.



- Marine

- Health

- Defence

- Transport 

- Funding 

- Business Planning 

- Leasing 

- Crewing 

- Vessel Deliveries 


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