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During my travels in Africa, I saw the immediate need to provide medical/transport/supply services to rural communities living from the waterways. Many of the inland lakes and rivers are the only source of food and transport to the poorest of communities. In Malawi, I have watched fishers pull empty nets from overfishing, while small scale farmers need the water source for their farming and can make use of the waterway to deliver products to their markets.  In Uganda, fisherman follows the fish to further remote locations to be able to increase their catch. In Liberia, four main rivers supporting communities upstream, during the raining season, they are cut off from the cities. In Rwanda, Lake Kivu having communities living on more than 150 Islands pose major challenges for healthcare workers needing to provide basic services. From my experience, this applies to so many communities throughout Africa. In developing the solutions with our various partners, special attention throughout the value chain from concept, design construction and training aspects. 


In 2012, with my partners in Rwanda, I was able to develop the 1st Advanced Water Ambulance for the Ministry of Health Rwanda to service the 150 Islands on Lake Kivu.


In 2015 I was contracted to build another two units for NADMO Ghana to operate on the River Volta.   


As a turnkey solutions provider TAG is able to provide waterborne clinics, hospitals, specialist departments, and hospital complexes.

Twende Healthcare has the expertise to create field hospitals, mobile facilities, and airdrop hospitals and special purpose vehicles.

Water Ambulance

Advanced and Basic Life Support Solutions

Floating Clinics

Transportable water clinics for rural health support

Airborne Solutions

Special Mission Aircraft

Rural Ambulance

Road ambulance

Trailer Clinics

Rapid deploy clinics for remote outreach clinics

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