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Ghana Project Team

In Africa, the industry trend is to move away from multi-contracting and reduction of interfaces during complex projects. Over many years of being on the ground, T.A.G. Turnkey Solutions gives you access to a broad selection of different contractors and service providers in one package by leading the way from start to finish with one entry and exit link in the delivery.

T.A.G. will identify the most suitable lead contractor with the appropriate financial strength for your project. 
We assist that lead contractor in finding the best and most competitive sub-contractors to provide you with an attractive package offer with just one single interface. That can include vessels, equipment, personnel, engineering, project preparations, and other sub-contracts. By doing so, we reduce your risk and ease the coordination and communication during the project execution.

T.A.G. prides itself on an excellent international network, many combined years of experience across all sectors and a team of experts with various specialisations independent in consulting.

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