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TWENDE, meaning "LET'S GO", is the call for "action" to go above and beyond in everything we do for our clients. Founded in East Africa and internationally driven from start to finish, Twende Africa Group offers Turnkey Solutions in SHIPBROKING & MARINE CONSULTING.

Ship Brokering and Marine Turnkey Solutions
Ship Management Services
MV Adamastor Diamond Vessel
LCT Zambezi ex L6 Landing Craft
MV Baltic Trader

Who We Are...

Twende Africa Group of Companies (P.T.Y.) L.T.D., or T.A.G., is a registered company based in Cape Town, South Africa, with associated partner networks in Norway, the U.K., the Netherlands, the U.S.A., Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

T.A.G. Marine is an independent shipbroking company offering a complete range of shipbroking, business development and management services to vessel asset

owners in the maritime industry.

What We Do...

We cover all major segments of maritime development. Through tailored brokerage and consultancy solutions - utilising in-house resources, close partners and our external network.


T.A.G. Marine can provide integrated services throughout our clients’ entire value chains. This is imperative when maximising our value creation and clients’ business performance.

What We Offer... 

Our broad network of industry specialists enables us to offer the region’s marine industry's best, utilising proven vessel designs and support solutions.


We pride ourselves as a unique consultancy group with far-reaching networks in Africa. Our family of hardworking business specialists has an in-depth knowledge of African markets in marine, health, energy and trade applications.

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