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Through numerous Sales and Purchases of vessels on behalf of producers, TAG has developed frozen fish lines directly from the producers. T.A.G. Trading imports and exports from many countries worldwide and closely co-operates with pre-selected and qualified producers, who continuously operate according to the finest possible, and legally required production standards. 

Depending on the product, the primary sources are Southern and West Africa, Northern Europe and Asia. Apart from these activities we also import products from the EU like Scandinavia, Ireland and Spain. This enables us to offer you a wide range of frozen fish products.

T.A.G. Trading does not maintain its infrastructure for logistics. It works with reputable companies in this area, each highly specialised and thus providing a valuable service. Therefore All-Fish delivers a more than flexible structure for the various requirements for international trade. 


Fish Trade
West Coast Crayfish
Fresh fish merluza or hake
Frozen Sea Food
Frozen Prawn
Frozen Fish
Frozen Seafood
Fresh Raw Mackerel Fish In Market
Frozen Seafood
Horse Mackerel
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